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Attention all LMI College Students - join our Online Study Rooms where you can ask questions, work alongside other students, or simply book in time into your calendar each week to work on your course.

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ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence (AI) tools

We remind you that when completing assessments, all work submitted must be your own.  You must answer all questions in your own words.  You must NOT cut and paste, or copy information directly from your learning material, generate answers using AI software (e.g. chatGPT), or have someone else complete the assessment.  These are all instances of plagiarism and will result in Disciplinary Action as per our Information Pack.  

If you have used AI software or the answers submitted are not in your own words and you would like to reset your assessment before it is marked by a Trainer, please contact us at admin@lmicollege.edu.au.


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If you are still experiencing problems, call or email the LMI College Team.  

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